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All Star Avionics

All-Star Avionics can help you maintain your existing avionics, replace your avionics, or even build you a custom instrument panel with the latest in Garmin technology. Let us know what your needs are, and we can provide a custom solution for your aircraft and the way you fly. 

All-Star Avionics is a certified repair station producing:

  • Transponder checks

  • IFR certification

  • Radio installation

  • Authorized Garmin dealer

  • FAA Approved Repair Station CRS# U28R146Y

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Tri-Star Maintenance

Whatever your maintenance needs, Tri-Star Aviation has the capability to service your aircraft.  Tri-Star offers a wide array of maintenance services.  The safety of flight in your aircraft is of utmost importance at Tri-Star.  We are dedicated to keeping your aircraft performing its best.   

  • Annual, phase, 100 hour, and pre buy inspections

  • Airframe major and minor repairs

  • Continental and Lycoming engine repair and overhaul

  • Phase inspection on most Citation 500


We have a passion for great looking aircraft.  We have 20 years experience painting, and can handle anything from Cubs to King Airs.  We can restore your original paint scheme and striping, or create something unique as you.  A great paint job is more than skin deep beauty; it is also part of a well maintained aircraft.  A great paint job will not only protect the airframe, but also reduce surface friction for greater performance.


Don't let your back kill you in that uncomfortable seat!  Does your airplane induce airsickness just sitting in it on the ground?  Let Tri-Star Aviation renew your interior with the latest fabrics and looks.  We can make that seat a pleasure to sit in and make your plane look and smell new again.  Your passengers will thank you.  Our craftsman has 25 years experience in most GA aircraft.  We can also refit and replace the plastic parts on your aircraft.

  • Carpet

  • Headliners

  • Plastic parts

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