Piper Lance Restoration Project

8/18/14- We are currently in the middle of a restoration of a Piper Turbo Lance. Currently, we are putting a magnificent paint job on the plane featuring a custom paint scheme in metallic black with raspberry and silver accent stripes. We had to strip this aircraft to the bare metal, check for corrosion, and replace most of the exterior plastic work. We should be finishing the paint work by the end of August, 2014. Check out the pictures we have of the paint job in progress in the right column-

In tandem with the paint work, we are meticulously going through all the mechanical systems on the airframe. Check back on this blog for more info on the Lance as the project progresses.

9/9/14- The Lance made great progress this month. The painting is nearly finished with the installation of new aileron and flap gap seals, painting the wingtips and various other parts that need painting. We had already painted the landing gear, so we reassembled them and put the mains on the aircraft. Currently, we are going through the details- cleaning and painting the firewall, the gear wells, powder coating the engine mount, doorjambs, the mounting areas for the cowling, and all those little areas that will show when doors or cowls are opened. Our goal is to make this bird pristine! As soon as we finish detailing the engine area and firewall, we will be proceeding with final landing gear installations- including the nose wheel, gear doors, etc., we will reassemble the engine, prep it , and hang it on the airplane. We have ordered all new avionics- a full Garmin stack. After we have the airframe complete, the engine installed- then we will turn our attention to the avionics and interior. This airplane will be the lap of luxury. More on that later, so please stay tuned.

10/14/14- We have finished the landing gear and toe firewall. With the new flameproof material installed, we re-mounted the engine mount- which we had powder-coated. Details in the gear wells look great, and we got the old girl back on the ground. The tail and wingtip accents have been completed, and the horizontal stabilator is back in place. Although the pictures don’t show it this time, we have removed the windshield and front side windows- these are being replaced with brand new ones.The windows came in as we were taking the pictures for this month, we will feature that in the next installment. Oh, and there is an added picture we dug up after we stripped the plane- look at the top of the page. There aren’t many early progress pictures, so I’ll make sure I put as many as we can find. There sure is a remarkable difference already.

12/28/14- We are working on the engine rebuild for the Lance. The case is getting acid washed and allodined, the cylinders have been painted and conditioned, other engine parts are being machined and prepped for reassembly.