L-39 Project

9/9/14- The L-39 has been a favorite project that has impassioned Dan for many years. Today, we announce the receiving of the airworthiness certificate, and the completion of this long sought after dream to have a jet fighter style aircraft. At long last, this beautiful bird will take to the skies. As of yet, we are preparing the L-39 for her unveiling, so as we go forward, let’s also go back to the beginning and give you a glimpse at the series of events and milestones that were crossed to get to where we are today. Stay tuned for the first chapter of the story…

10/14/14- The jet has passed the FAA inspections and received an airworthiness certificate. So, the next step is to prepare it for the test flights. Dan located an L39 test pilot to come and work with him. We are busy getting her buttoned up, polished up, and ready to strut her stuff. Needless to say, Dan is excited. I also dug up a bunch of pictures to give you a glimpse of the saga and depth that Dan went to to bring her up to today’s standards. The avionics were completely redone from the ground up, everything was meticulously painted, and carefully assembled. One of the challenges was the translating all the labels and diagrams to English. Enjoy the pics-

10/25/14- First Flight! Test flights went fantastically, minor squawks identified.

11/17/14- The L-39 is in the maintenance bay to get new main tires, and we also replaced a hydralic baffle that had started leaking after the initial flights.