Flight Training

Tri Star Aviation Flight TrainingWhether you want to learn to fly for personal or professional reasons, Tri-Star Aviation can provide professional, friendly training with personalized attention. We have 32 years of flight experience flying everything from private pilot to airlines, fixed wing, rotorcraft, and aerobatics. Learn to fly from an instructor with 15,000 hours of flight experience. Our chief instructor, Dan Marrouf, has flown a wide array of aircraft form the simple and straight forward Cessna 150 to Boeing 727’s and 737’s. His personal aircraft is an L-39 fighter jet- so if it has wings, he has probably flown it, and can teach you, too. We can train you in your aircraft or ours- click here to see our fleet.

We are certified to train you for the following licenses and ratings:

  • Private pilot
  • Instrument
  • Commercial
  • CFI
  • CFII
  • Multi-engine
  • ATP
  • Tail wheel endorsements
  • Discovery flight
  • Photo flight
  • Sight seeing flight
  • Spin and aerobatic training
  • Advanced Flight Training

We have a special program to deliver advanced and recurrent training. If you have a multi and instrument ratings and wish to be certified to fly cabin class twins, or need recurrent training, check out our Advanced Training program. Click here for details.

Would you like a Discovery Flight? Call us. Gift certificates available.